Norfolk Wedding Photography by Faye Amare Photography

24 July 16

Posted at 1:52

Norfolk Wedding Photography by Faye Amare Photography


An Acle Manor Wedding by Norfolk Wedding photography Faye Amare Photography

Yesterday’s wedding was certainly a beautiful one, with plenty of unique moments that truly captured the couple’s quirky personalities. C + E celebrated their big day at E’s parent's gorgeous Victorian manor house in the depths of the Norfolk countryside. With the sunniest of days and blue skies galore, it’s hard not to describe their day as a perfect one.


C + E planned an outdoor ceremony in the gardens of the manor house, known as the Hornbeam Circle. Where they were to be blessed by a high priestess and joined together through the ritual of hand tying. A memorable part for everyone was as bubbles drifted past them, they proclaimed their vows to one another. Sweetest moment ever!


The celebrations continued onto the lawn with champagne, canapés and great conversation. With some playing garden games and others admiring the hard work that had gone into making the yurt so spectacularly beautiful. Flowers grown from C’s parents own garden embellished the columns and tables. It was easy to see the décor they had chosen was full of sentiment.


The evening continued with a great speech from E’s father, who revealed all about her rebellious side as a youngster, which certainly was the caused of the uproar of laughter and applause. Two more speech’s followed from the groom and best man, both of which befitting to the last. An amazing array of vegan treats were on offer, and I must say this was by far one of the best wedding breakfasts I have seen and tasted! A little while after C + E cut the cutest brownie cake I have seen. And as soon as it had been cut, the guests devoured it, with only crumbs left in sight. My evening concluded with couples photos on the meadow of the manor.


From childhood friends to bride and groom, it's clear to see these two were meant to be.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post about my adventures as a Norfolk wedding photographer, I absolutely adore my job and being able to share the incredible weddings days that I have the pleasure of attending and capturing is a dream come true.


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